A CHAU COMMERCIAL MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY TRANGDING CO.,LTD is the strength and potential in the field of design, production, supply air stirring, stirred tank. Service in the field of paints, solvents, glues, foods, chemicals, cosmetics, the auxiliary machines in the field of chemical and mechanic,…With a diversified, global standard quality, reasonable prices and competition.

A Chau Company always set goals for production, business and development policy on the basis of the long-term interest of customer because the company’s goal of ” THE PRESTIGE IS TOP-QUALITY IS LIFE”.

The main products of the company

  • Paint stirrer
  • Chemical mixer
  • Stir the glue machine
  • Chemicals stir tank
  • Industrial agitator
  • Tank stir food
  • Assimilation stirred tank
  • Mixing tank emulsified
  • Auxiliary equipment for chemical industry…

For the benefit of customers the company has always put quality policy machinery and customer care, after sales service is the company aim to sustainable development. Because goals and quality customer care in the best way.

Stirring machine products, stirring tank by company A Chau production always put quality and safety during use.Stirring machine, stirrer tank used to produce completely new imported 100% from the prestigious unit, 12-24 warranty policy, depending on the manufacturer of motor.








Stirring machine - Stirred tank